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Hello, I’m Jimmy Cannon. Your Voice Coach.

I’ve been fortunate to have had a career as a singer and saxophonist for most of my life, performing on TV with Sir Tom Jones, on a private plane for Richard Branson and recording for both Roger Taylor and Carlsberg. I now work with individuals, business professionals, corporates, singers and anyone else who wants to improve and control their voice for public speaking, corporate presentations and singing. 


We All Have One Voice!

Whether for speaking or singing, our voice is the same, and the techniques used to teach vocals can be transferred to enhance people’s speaking skills. I offer voice training to individuals and corporates who are looking to improve their vocal skills, public speaking, presentations, singing and performance techniques.


Voice Coaching

Want to speak with greater influence and credibility?

Interested in improving your voice or overcoming speech problems?

Singer and voice coach Jimmy Cannon shows you or your team how to speak with more confidence and success. Alongside, he also offers a six-step course to master your voice & presentation skills.

With proper control over the voice as a tool, anyone can obtain more clarity and resonance, a wider dynamic range, and ultimately more presence and power when speaking!

Singing Lessons

Maybe you sing for fun, perhaps you have a solo to perform in your choir, need to sing BV’s or you’re the lead singer in a band and wish you could engage more with your audience?

With just a few lessons and with some regular practice, You’ll be able to:

  • sing with more confidence

  • develop a wider dynamic range

  • sing higher without straining

  • discover your different registers

...giving you the confidence to sing anywhere with anyone.

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Performances & Gigs

Jimmy has toured with Sir Tom Jones, The Commitments, Rodriguez, and exclusively on TV’s ‘The One Show’ and ‘This Morning’ with his band ‘The Jazz Cannons'

His recent projects include ‘Burton Bradstock’, a Jazz/Folk group, which seeks to generate a widespread renaissance in the traditional English song, and ‘The Best of British Song’ showcasing songs written by British composers from the 1920s right up until the late 1960s.

Since 2007, Jimmy has performed internationally at several private events and concerts.


Voice Improvement Tips


How to find your voice

This is a really simple exercise to feel the vibration of your vocal folds and the connection to the breath. It will make you more aware of how little air control you need to produce a full and resonant sound, giving you the confidence to speak in any environment in front of anyone.

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How to take care of your voice and speak for longer

In this video, I've given you some warming up exercises before you go on stage, an introduction to correct breathing for speaking, and a few tips on how to keep your voice healthy and trim for prolonged speaking.

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Proper breath control for better speech

Breathing of course is necessary for us to stay alive, but did you know that most of us are actually doing it wrong? Proper breath control will give you more power to your voice! Here are some tips to improve your breathing.

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