Voice Coaching

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Public Speaking

The most important instrument in speaking is your voice!

Would you like to speak with greater influence and credibility? Add colour, expressiveness, and power to your speech?

We use our voice everyday, but more importantly you need it in your business. Talking to clients and colleagues, in meetings and presentations, your voice is your number one communicator and is key to your influence and impact, whatever industry you’re in.

If you’re Someone who finds the thought of speaking in public overwhelming, dreads the idea of giving presentations, or simply isn't confident in their voice. I'd like to give you the tools you need to become a more confident and powerful speaker

Even just a 10% increase in vocal variety can have a highly significant impact on your audience’s attention to and retention of your message
— Matt Abrahams

My work as a performer and voice coach has led me to believe that anyone can improve their voice, and with the correct tools and the use of simple but effective exercises, you’ll discover a new level of speaking. Your voice will develop more resonance, a larger dynamic range, better clarity and overall presence, giving you more confidence and authority when you speak.

Presentation Skills

Most people will be listening to the sound of your voice, some will be noticing your body language, but the large majority of the audience will be thinking about something else entirely…

Studies suggest that effective presentations are 38% your voice, 55% non-verbal communication, and only 7% your content.

In fact, the fear of speaking is in general unfounded!

That doesn’t mean, of course, that your heart rate doesn’t rise, your throat doesn’t tighten and dry up, or that you don’t forget your words or start to panic before or during a presentation, meeting or in the middle of a speech.

By accepting these feelings as completely normal and human, you can start to control them with positive reinforcement tactics.

Exploring breathing techniques, body language, developing presence and awareness of your surroundings, will give you more engagement with your audience and confident to deliver your message with personality and authority.

Jimmy is a rare talent. Generally, the saying goes, if you can’t do, teach. Jimmy is therefore someone who doesn’t comply with this. He has amazing control over his voice and has the interpersonal skills and academic knowledge to be able to improve anyone lucky enough to be one of his students.
— John Lunt - Real estate specialist at US Embassy

“The Cannon Method”

a 6 step course to Mastering your Voice...

Jimmy offers corporate training or personal voice coaching at your place of work or his London studio.

There are three course options:

Course ‘A’ - intensive 2 hour session

Course ‘B’ - half day (3 hours) corporate training

Course ‘C’ - x6 50 min personal voice coaching

To book Jimmy call +44 (0) 7970 412147 or email: jimmycannonsinger@gmail.com