Using a STRAW for tired voices, projection and range

The Straw technique

Whether you’re a keynote speaker, teacher or have to present pitches to clients, this one exercise could help your voice when you need it the most!!

What it does:

Stretches and strengthens the vocal cords and extends the acoustic energy they produce


Reduces strain on your throat so you can speak for longer and stops you becoming tired quickly

Creates a resonance in your mask area (your face), which produces a clearer and more projected sound

Helps you effortlessly reach all of your vocal range so you can speak with more variety of tone.

Helps you recover from a hoarse or tired voice and any inflammation caused by long periods or speaking



Making sure your mouth evenly covers the end of the straw, and no air is escaping from your nose (pinch your nose to check), hum through the straw from a comfortable low pitch up to the top of your range making sure your supporting correctly.

Same exercise again, but this time in an accented siren up and down the range.

Here's my video on correct diaphragmatic breathing: