Take a Breath

Deep breathing is a proven way to release endorphins!

It also provides a general sense of relaxation and can be done discreetly, even while waiting to speak.


  • With your hands on your belly, take a slow controlled breath in through your nose.

Allow your belly to drop, your lungs to expand feeling the expanse of space within your ribcage and around the whole of your lower back, stomach and up to your shoulder blades.

  • Hold the breath comfortably for a few seconds

Be aware of the tension in your upper body, particularly your neck and shoulders.

  • Release the breath through your mouth

With a controlled sigh whilst feeling your belly return to its original position.

Repeat this 4 or 5 times.

You should feel energised and hopefully more relaxed with a heightened connection to your breath.

Try this short exercise just before you have to make an important presentation, speech or phone call.