How to find your voice

This is a really simple exercise to feel the vibration of your vocal folds and the connection to the breath.

When speaking in public, do you find yourself:

  • Losing your voice, or find that your throat is tight and dry?

  • Breathing irregularly or unnecessarily in between sentences?

  • Shouting and struggle to be heard in loud meetings or difficult acoustics?

This exercise will make you more aware of how little air control you need to produce a full and resonant sound, giving you the confidence to speak in any environment in front of anyone.

A certain amount of air pressure will cause the vocal folds (folds of tissue in the throat) to oscillate and produce ‘sound’. The amount and tone of that sound is dependent on certain areas of resonance within and around the vocal tract, larynx, nasal, chest and head cavities as well as correct breath support.

We can feel this vibration by simply making an elongated ‘sh’ sound and whilst placing our fingers on our throat (just below the Adam's apple), change that sound into a ‘j’. This will engage the vocal folds and cause them to vibrate.

The exercise is to go from ‘sh’ to ‘j’ (unvoiced to voiced) and back again keeping the air flow constant.

Sh……. j…….. Sh……… j……. Etc.