How to be a more expressive speaker- ‘Accented syllables’

If you’re someone who speaks with little dynamic change in their voice, this can come across flat and perhaps dull. This exercise will help you to be more expressive using the natural rhythmic accents of language.

One way to become better at reading music is to separate the melody and rhythm when practicing so you can concentrate on the intention of the phrasing. The same thing can be done with speech to make your communication more expressive.

Concentrate purely on the syllables whilst hearing and visualising the word sounds in your head.

By using a phonic sound such as 'vw', you can fee the natural accent of the passage your saying so eloquently in your head as well as connecting directly to your breath and the muscles that control it. 

After practicing this methodically a few times, try and speak the passage aloud. You should find that you are naturally more expressive..

I mentioned a book that this exercise is based on, which is "This Is A voice by Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher