5 quick warm up exercises for speaking and singing

In this video I’m going to share with you 5 effective exercises for warming up the voice for public speaking.

If you speak for a living, either in conferences, meetings or often giving presentations, You'll know how important it is to warm up and look after your voice...

Exercise No.1 - Freeing the face

  • First scrunch your face up and then ope wide to awaken those facial muscles

  • Make a chewing motion to free part of the jaw, and oral cavity helping articulation

  • Move your tongue around your teeth in both and clockwise and counterclockwise motion 4 or 5 times. Your tongue plays a large role in forming and placing sounds.

  • Release the tension in your jaw by gently shaking it with your hands, making sure your relaxed. A big reason for speaking anxiety lies within a tense jaw.

Exercise No.2 - Lip and tongue trills

You can do it by simply putting your lips together and pushing air through them to make them vibrate.

By adding a sound, engages the vocal folds, which create the resonance, which you need for speaking or singing.

The lip trill stops you from straining the vocal folds and automatically engages the abdominal muscles which are used to push air out of your lungs.

If you find the lip trill tricky, try a tongue trill...

Exercise No.3 - the ‘Ng’ sound

We use this placement in singing to float over our various vocal ranges with ease.

Using a wide pitch register (speaking both high and low) in speaking offers variety to the listener and communicates emotion more effectively!

  • Say the word ‘singing’ and hold the last ‘ng’ as a pitch

  • Now in that position go up and down (like a siren) the range of your voice

Remember to engage the abdominus muscles..

Here’s a video on engaging the abdominus muscles for better breathing:


Exercise No.4 - Humming or ‘buzzing’ to feel resonance

Creating a buzzing sound engages the vocal folds (chords) and encourages the air to resonate in various areas and cavities.

  • With your mouth closed, make a humming sound

  • Move your tongue around your mouth to create different tonal qualities

  • Move the pitch up and down to find your natural speaking pitch

  • With your tongue in between your teeth and touching your soft palate make a ‘zz’ sound

  • Experiment with changing the pitch of the note and notice the change of energy and resonance.

Exercise No. 5 - Open sound ready for speaking

Start by humming on an ‘m’ shape and release on any note/pitch into first an ‘Ah’ shape (as in the word Architect), and see how long you can hold the sound for.

Then experiment with the other vowels: e, i, o, u

Don’t forget to start on an ‘m’ sound opening into a vowel sound

Also, experiment with different pitches…

You’re now ready to speak!!

Any one of these warmup exercises can be done individually. Find the ones that work for you.